Kelley Hardware & Rental in Paw Paw, Michigan has over 150 items available for rent for customers of all abilities ranging from first timers to DIYers to a contractor needs. Let us help you make roofing and framing easier by renting our pneumatic nailers or grab the Ground Hog Auger, Baretto Trencher or Bobcat to make your landscape job done quicker. Kelley Hardware and Rental is the best place for equipment rental in Paw Paw. We offer great rates on rental equipment and are knowledgeable about tools for all different types of projects and applications.

Kelley Hardware & Rental is also proud to offer U-Haul trucks and trailers to meet our customers' needs. Our moving trucks range from 10' trucks to 26' trucks and our team is here to help you decide what option is best for your need. U-Haul is perfect for any move and now you can easily rent a variety of sizes of trucks or trailers through Kelley Hardware and Rental.  Click here to learn more!

Visit us today at Kelley Hardware & Rental in Paw Paw Michigan or give us a call at (269) 628-6400 and let us help you with your next project!

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